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  • July, 2019
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  • February, 2019
    • Feb 5, 2019
      300 mg of that test booster today with coffee ( helps with the battery acid taste)... and an eyeball amount of snorted noopept .... I felt fucking alpha all day ...and holy shit I can feel my fucking dick feeling ( what's understood doesn't need to be explained).
  • January, 2019
    • Jan 15, 2019
      I would leave him 1000 stars if I could SARMS saved me with his great knowledge and experience I always had high steroids level in my blood and I realized my LH & FSH been down since last year (Picture #1)
    • Jan 13, 2019
      I tried Triptorelin for the first time Holy shit I’ll never go back to any other pct ever again. I took clomid for two weeks after my last shot of gear then 14 days after last shot of gear I took the Triptorelin, that night I was rock hard and hornier than ever before, my girlfriend and me fucked a