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  • 9-MBC (9-Methyl-beta-carboline) increase attention, motivation, focus, mood and libido. 9MBC reverse stimulant tolerances reversal through direct dopamine action.

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  • Albuterol vs Clenbuterol

    Albuterol's potent fat burning effects have been studied, an Albuterol Pill containing 200 mg of caffeine and 5mg of Albuterol has been patented as a safe fat burning medication, it has yet to receive FDA approval for adolecense. 

    Clenbuterol is another popular fat burner with a half-life of 30 hours and many unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects.




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  • Anastrozole Capsules 120 x 1mg

    Buy our Anastrozole and experience the highest quality in the industry. Our Anastrozole supply is regularly tested by a 3rd party lab.

    Anastrazole belongs to a class of compounds known as aromatase inhibitors (AIs). An enzyme known as aromatase is responsible in the human body for producing estrogen by converting androgens into estrogen.

    Anastrozole is a Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor

    First developed to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

    By irreversibly binding to the aromatase it blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen the synthesis of estrogen is virtually prohibited.

    This ability to block estrogen makes it a useful drug for breast cancer in women and the post-surgical breast cancer.

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  • Buy Bacteriostatic Water For Injection comes in 10ml 20ml and 30ml it is essential in the reconstitution of many peptides, Such as TB-500, BPC-157 and HGH.

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  • Bemethyl (BEMITIL) reduces anxiety, stress and fear. It imp[roves physical performance by accelerating liver regeneration, glycogen storage in all organs. 

    These properties improve performance in extreme conditions.


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  • Dick Pills to make your Dick Bigger, Harder Boost Your Libido!

    Dick Hard Pills that make your Dick Grow and make you irresistable to women.


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  • The ultimate BIG DICK STACK leaves only one question, who wants it more Men or Women?

    2 x 120 capsules

    2 x 40 grams

    Choose your weapons


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  • BPC-157 Dosage, Active Amounts, Side Effects

    Orally active BPC-157 of 10 mcg/kg is the minimum effective dose in rats, the human equivalent is 72.5 μg per 100lb and is surprisingly free of side effects at any dose.

    This is based on rat studies where oral administration showed benefit.

    BPC-157 capsules may repairs tendon, muscle, intestines, teeth, bone and more.

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