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    Bacteriostatic Water is used for the reconstitution of many peptides, such as TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4), BPC-157 and MTII

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    What is BPC-157? 

    BPC-157 results in a quick permanent fix tears in muscle, tendons, ligaments, bone and nervous tissues.

    Prescribed BPC 157 dosages of 250-750 mcg/day are common for several reasonable medical conditions.


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    Buy Epitalon

    "The Biggest scientific breakthrough in health ever."

    the potent Russian anti-aging peptide.

    Buy 10 vials and save 24%.

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    GHRP-2 is one of the few peptides that offer intranasal application. 

    It is known for its extreme effects on human growth hormone making it one of the most effective peptides to date.

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    HGH For SALE, where to get HGH Canada.

    Somatropin Hgh peptides 191 amino acid rDNA origin.

    Buy Hgh online 12iu vials of Human Growth Hormone.

    HGH Dosage

    2iu HGH For men & HGH For women (1iu HGH).

    Doctors have prescribed Hgh for weight loss in growth hormone deficient patients.

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    GHRP-6 costs a fraction of HGH and is yielding similar results reliably. 

    These products are sold for laboratory research and other non-clinical research use only.

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