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Are SARMS legal?

Yes, as long as they are intended and labelled “for research use only

The food and drug administration FDA classifies these as research chemicals not controlled substances.

To this day there are several ongoing clinical studies some even involving cancer patients in phase 3 select trials.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators SARMS are effective for muscle growth and losing fat quickly.

Scientists are working on a way to bring the promise of innovative new medicines to light to further improve patient outcomes and increase quality of life for humanity.

Do SARMS Work?

Yes, they do, online there are reported gains of up to 30 pounds solid muscle in a few short months.

Many researchers have documented incredible transformations.

This is not typical however they do have the potential to do so given the proper conditions.

Variables change depending on experience but you get the drift.

SARMS essentially do the same job as testosterone, they both work by binding to the androgen receptor activating anabolic processes and increase the body's ability to grow muscle.

However, the fascinating part is the selectivity of action in producing all the most desirable effects without the common and problematic effects of Testosterone Injections.

A quick google or youtube search brings up dozens of videos documentaries done by a number of independent researchers sharing their journey.

Will you tell your story?

How to take SARMS Pills and Liquid SARMS?

Dropper bottles or capsules are the same, trust your source or buy elsewhere.

In liquid form the rule of thumb is 1ml per day, the compounds should be stable in liquid form and easy to dose

With tablets or Capsule there is no gross liquids to deal with and the dosing of the capsules help determine how many capsules would be used daily.

Either way for help with any SARMS Dosage consult a professional in the field.


When misused any chemical can create a hazard, but are SARMS safe?

Even commonly available medicines like Tylenol are responsible for thousands of deaths every year.

SARMS are for the most part safe within reasonable limits, they lack toxicity and have proven to have mild unwanted effects most of the time.

This helps explain why dosing SARMS Bodybuilding have become a normal occurrence.

Long term liver damage has been a concern as well as the impact on natural testosterone production.

Whatever the case there is a vibrant field of live research being conducted on men's health worldwide.
The World Anti-Doping Agencies (WADA) consider any androgen or anabolic steroids including lgd 4033 and rad 140 cheating by building muscle thereby enhancing performance