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GHRP-2 5mg

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GHRP-2 is one of the few peptides that offer intranasal application. 

It is known for its extreme effects on human growth hormone making it one of the most effective peptides to date.

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GHRP-2 5mg Lyophilized is a synthetic peptide that causes large bursts of growth hormone to be released from the pituitary gland, it is also effective in intranasal application

What is GHRP-2?

Essentially it is a synthetic version of ghrelin analogue.

GHRP-2 stimulates the release of an endogenous growth hormone (GH) within the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary in the animal and human body.

Specifically, it will increase the number of somatotrophs in a GH pulse by limiting the amount of somatostatin present.

Standard GHRH increases the amplitude at which the pituitary cells pulse.

Effects of GHRP-2

Many studies have revealed that chronic administration of GHRP-2 to short stature children.

It has with various degrees of success improved growth hormone deficiency and induced a sustained enhancement in the rate of linear growth.

The possibility that the acute effect of GHRP-2 on food intake observed in some studies might result in a state of positive energy balance.

Carefully designed and optimized chronic use studies are needed.

These would including detailed body composition and food intake monitoring.

This would help to demonstrate the long-term effects of GHS(s) on food intake and body weight.

Although GHRP-2 increases the release of growth hormone significantly.

Gh levels may still be responsible for acute changes in food intake in some studies.

How to reconstitute GHRP 2 Peptide

GHRP-2 should be mixed with bacteriostatic water for injection. Gently replenish the water into the vial making sure not to shake the bottle causing bubbles abruptly. After mixing in bacteriostatic water, the solution should be kept refrigerated until use.

Unlike ghrelin, growth hormone secretagogues it is not specifically used to increase food intake, but it may have subsequent actions that impact hypothalamic neurons.

These effects last for approximately an hour after the initial application, which mimics the natural use of GH and consists of an eight-hour circulation period.

GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2) is a hexapeptide which is considered a hormone secretagogue.

The single polypeptide chain which is composed of six amino acids is a growth hormone secretion peptide.

By acting on pituitary somatotroph located in the pituitary gland this growth hormone releasing peptide is active and seemed to lack side effects.

The peptide lacks opioid activity but is still a stimulator of GH release.

It also works to regulate and correct production of low-level growth hormone in test subjects.

This amplification of the transduction pathway is what makes the study of this GHRP so fascinating to study.

The peptide also limits the ability of somatostatin to reduce the limit of growth hormone levels, allowing more growth to be exerted during its biological half-life of 2.5 hours. 

Other GHRP 2 effects

  • Those exposed to the ghrelin serum saw a decrease in their leptin concentrations. 
  • That given GHRP-2 saw ameliorated visible symptoms of their arthritis and a decrease in their paw volume.
  • decreased IL-6 levels when they had been initially increased by the arthritis symptoms. 

GHRP-2 may have used in managing IL-6 levels affected by arthritis.

This further implies that GHRP's may have anti-inflammatory properties as the chemical appeared to have a positive effect on regulating the ghrelin receptors and immune cells that were affected by disease.

GHRP-2 is a lab made synthetic peptide

GHRP-2 is a ghrelin agonist produced synthetically in a laboratory.

Known for its extreme effects on human growth hormone pulses it is one of the most active peptides known today.

GHRP-2 binds to the hypothalamus and pituitary causing outrageous growth hormone release naturally.

 Used succesfully in clinical studies to induce weight gain via intranasal administration.

When is applied with Growth hormone-releasing hormone, the effect of both peptides is significantly multiplied.

GHRP-2 in today's medicine

Traditionally, adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) has been treated by substituting natural hGH with recombinant human growth hormone (HGH).

The breakthrough product, SERMORELIN + GHRP2 offers a natural, effective, and affordable alternative to recombinant human growth hormone for the symptoms of age-related growth hormone deficiency.

Developed in 1998 by Serono Laboratories, Inc., the makers of Saizen HGH, FDA approved Sermorelin is the most natural and effective treatment for AGHD.

As a releasing agent, SERMORELIN GHRP2 triggers the pituitary gland to produce your natural growth hormone.

The body regulates the level and frequency of hGH release. Therefore the experience of side effects associated with injected rhGH are essentially non-existent

No Off Cycles!

"makes the pituitary function like it did in a youth!! 

GHRH with a GHRP-2 can be used to re-stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone.

This is smart alternative to prescription rhGH therapy programs.

In addition to amplifying your GH Releasing Hormone, GHRP's also acts to suppress other hormones that inhibit natural growth hormone secretion.

GHRP's work by supporting the central nervous system as well as increasing strength similar to dihydrotestosterone based steroids.

Name: GHRP-2 Pralmorelin acetate 
CAS#: 158861-67-7 
Chemical Formula: C45H55N9O6 
Exact Mass: 817.4275 
Molecular Weight: 817.99 
Elemental Analysis: C, 66.08; H, 6.78; N, 15.41; O, 11.74

This product is sold only to qualified and trained individuals who can handle it safely. This peptide is only to be used in academic or laboratory research without exception.

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  • Thursday, March 21, 2019, 22:48
    GHRP-2 makes me super hungry. Much better than the 6th version. More food, more muscle
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