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Score: 4.50 (votes: 4)

J147 is a powerful nootropic. It is an effective anti-aging and cognitive enhancer to increase concentration, improve memory, and enhance performance.

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J147 Benefits

  • Increased mental clarity and improved memory retention
  • Enhanced mood and decreased feelings of depression
  • Reduced feelings of nervousness and anxiety
  • Increased levels of focus and concentration

What is J147

The experimental drug J147 is a modern elixir of life; it may be effective for Alzheimer's and reverse aging.

J147 Review

Now, Salk scientists have solved the puzzle of what, exactly, J147 does. 

January 7, 2018, in the journal Aging Cell, they report that the drug binds to a protein found in mitochondria, the energy-generating powerhouses of cells. 

In turn, they showed, it makes aging cells appear more youthful.

J147 is a modified version of a molecule (curcumin) found in the curry spice turmeric. 

In the years since, the researchers have shown that the compound reverses memory deficits, potentiates the production of new brain cells, and slows or reverses Alzheimer's progression.

How does J147 Work?

The molecular target of J147 is a mitochondrial protein called ATP synthase that helps generate ATP—the cell's energy currency—within mitochondria. 

They showed that manipulating its activity could protect neuronal cells from multiple toxicities associated with the aging brain. ATP synthase has already proven to control aging.

Biological Activity for J 147

J 147 is a potent neuroprotective and neurotrophic compound. Protects against neurotoxicity in cortical neurons in vitro (EC50 = 25 - 200 nM).

Reduces soluble Aβ40 and Aβ42 levels and increases BDNF levels in the hippocampus in vivo.

Enhances memory prevents memory deficits and rescues cognitive deficits in young and aged transgenic Alzheimer's disease, respectively. Orally active.


Customer reviews
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Score: 4.50 (votes: 4)
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  • Monday, November 28, 2022, 16:34
    OK almost a month of pet rock use.( my pet rock wasn't taking the capsule so I did.It was doing a boulder move.)

    1.Powerful nootropic yeah it is F#%Kin ON POINT.!!!
    2.as the first few days went on,I started to be more in tuned,with little things,that were taking place in everyday life.
    3.After a week,I was so focused in getting the simplest tasks even the bigger tasks completed,BUT TO A GOOD SATISFACTION.
    4.COGNITION AND FOCUS this lil pill will offer,NEVER ONCE have I been so wanting to finish,something BUT finish it beyond RIGHT..
    5.It does have a calming effect,well 2 me it did,no issues when it came to night routines.
    6.If you want or need MASSIVE focus,alertness,pristine concentration,in tasks look no damn further.
  • Saturday, October 23, 2021, 01:38
    Best Nootropic ever!
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