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Ibutamoren Mk-677 Buy 1000 mg 99% Purity

Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)

Mk-677 Dosage

  • white doing spoons 28mg 
  • Yellow dosing scoop (2 sided)
  • 4mg (small) - 10mg (large)

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MK-677 Results in increased growth hormone levels

The new MK-677 is a potent 24-hour orally-active growth hormone secretagogue.

By acting like the hormone ghrelin, growth hormone (GH) is produced and then released in a sustained manner.

Serum plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) are positively affected.

Unlike other growth hormone releasers, it does not affect cortisol levels.


MK-677 Reviews

Recent studies on MK-677 has shown significant increases in IGF-1 and Human Growth Hormone levels.

The resulting hormone production reduces muscle pain and accelerates bone turnover resulting in 

  • Burns fat
  • Preserved cognitive functions
  • Improved skin complexion
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Overall energy and strength
  • Boosting of the immune system
  • An overall feeling of well being 

Growth hormone release by stimulating ghrelin receptors is a novel approach for muscle mass, bone density, and body composition.

Clinical trials in older adults produced spectacular results and had excellent safety profiles in healthy subjects.

However, double-blind clinical studies with active growth hormone secretagogues have stalled in developmental stages.


Studies have shown that 5mg 10mg and 25 mg had possible side effects similar to that of recombinant human growth hormone.

Side effects such as lethargy, appetite, and numbness of the hands were reported.

It was interesting that while both growth hormone and IGF-1 levels were increased, there was no increase in cortisol.

There is a small increase in prolactin during the early stages affecting those individuals prone to prolactin side effects.

In conclusion, the selective agonist of the ghrelin receptor is a secretagogue which helps stimulates the release of growth hormone.

It is currently under development as a potential treatment in individuals with reduced levels of growth hormone (Growth hormone deficiency), and frailty in the elderly.

SARMS MK-677 Cycles

Mk-677 cycles sustain the activation of GH-IGF-1 pathways, thereby increasing lean body mass and bone mineral density.

Studies show these effects have a wide range of controls on appetite, biological rhythms, and mood.

The growth hormone GH's stimulating effect of the ghrelin receptors have been valued by bodybuilders and fitness industries for decades. 

Developed by reverse pharmacology developed to target the pituitary in the fight against muscle wasting, obesity, and osteoporosis.

The end product was a non-peptide growth hormone secretagogues (growth hormone releasing compounds).

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Customer reviews
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Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)
Rating of votes (2)
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  • Wayne
    Mar 13, 2019, 22:31
    Better sleep, increased appetite all while getting leaner two thumbs up.
  • Adam Moyer
    Feb 21, 2019, 21:41
    I found this product to increase appetite 10x, i found it really helped for bulk

Product questions

  • Enrico
    Jun 2, 2019, 17:25

    How many times Day should u take it when taking 5-10mg a day

    Jun 2, 2019, 19:08

    In hip fracture patients treated with 25mg/day MK-0677, the increase in plasma IGF-1 levels was paralleled by improvement in most functional performance measures.

  • joe
    Mar 22, 2019, 08:44

    where can you find how many mg's you are getting in each bottle?

    Mar 22, 2019, 16:05

    You can find this on the product page it is highlighted for easy viewing

    : MK-677 1000 mg Studies used dosage of between 5-25 mg/day that produced some side effects of hgh such as lethargy, numbness in the hands and an increase in appetite. Yellow 2 sided dosing spoon 4- 10mg White dosing spoon 28mg

  • Brand
    99 SARMS
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