Feb 19, 2019

SARMS PCT protocols 

First off, we must concede that SARMS are research chemical first and are not approved for human use. While still legal for research purposes we can still theorize as to potential outcomes from their use the potential SARMS PCT protocols one may require. As a potent anabolic agent, there has been some conflicting reporting of SARM suppression. We can discuss this in a calm manner and hopefully provide some insight into how this may be applied.

There are many assumptions surrounding the world of SARMS and (Post Cycle Therapy) PCT is one of them. The truth lies somewhere in the middle ground and depends on previous hormonal conditions and individual ability to rebound from suppression from either a low dose or high dose SARM cycle. In any event, there would be a few different protocols that could be applied.

PCT Protocol 1

This would be after a course or a SARMS cycle that could be after any time of being on SARMS and like traditional androgen related protocols would involve the use of Tamoxifen and clomiphene for 14-28 days.

PCT Protocol 2

This protocol could involve 2-3 weekly doses of clomiphene for the duration of the SARM cycle. This is likely to bear a positive outcome as it is exactly what many doctors suggest to long term Testosterone Replacement Therapy patients. Theoretically, it would cease at the same time the SARM cycle would stop due to a much longer half-life than any SARM (7 x the half-life)

PCT Protocol 3

Protocol 3 is a wildcard and involves a long term SARM cycle whereby the researcher applies high dose clomiphene for 10 days followed by 100mcg triptorelin for a complete htpa reboot. This could theoretically be done every few months and the SARMS cycle could potentially extend 6 months or more.

PCT Protocol 4

This PCT protocol is the very worst out there When I see it suggested I just would like to reach out and slap someone. Some advocate the use of an injected testosterone base to keep testosterone levels high while using SARMS. It's a free country and free speech is allowed but, in our opinion, this is exactly not the type of research I would do. To each their own and to you again it is your choice. Just remember the PCT after it will be much more difficult. HCG clomiphene tamoxifen would all be required in these circumstances to restore a fully shut down HTPA. Success varies it is not very solid science, endocrinology is more like witchcraft.


New to the game but in our opinion the best SARMS PCT protocol ever is the Testosterone Booster. The proprietary secret formula is organic, vegan, kosher and Halal if you care. We do know that everyone has been burnt by testosterone boosters before. But not anymore, 1-2 scoops twice a day will keep those boys alive through any cycle. And what about PCT, forget it not required. That is all we have to say about that.