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S4 SARM (Andarine) My All Time Favorite

S4 SARM is a top-notch muscle pumping, fat shredding, vein-popping good time in the gym.

Comparable SARMS are S23 and YK11

S4 is easily stacked with anything and is excellent in combination with GW501516

With all the technological advancements in modern pharmacology, it is tough to beat the all-around mass building, strength gaining, and vascularity enhancing effects. 

When compared to testosterone propionate it matches the "anabolic effects" without any of the typical androgenic side effects common the testosterone and other synthetic hormones.

S4 SARM Review

Nothing gets me more fired up when it comes to selective androgen receptor modulators as S4 does. S4 is one of my all time favorites.

What it boils down to is that Andarine S4 gets the job done time, and time again.

The powerful anabolic effects I have witnessed with S4 SARM leads me to the conclusion that it is a necessary toll every aspiring researcher and bodybuilder should try. 

There is no doubt that this SARM has powerful anabolic and androgenic effects in skeletal muscle and bone. 

S4 SARM Dosage

In clinical studies, the authors fed their castrated rats 3 mg kg/day.

They were surprised when it restored the rats' strength energy and even sexual functions. 

Suddenly the race was on -to be the first nonsteroid treatment of muscle wasting conditions.

Proposals have been floating around that eventually it may soon be seen as an alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

An interesting note: A 120-day study compared DHT (dihydrotestosterone) to Andarine S4 (aryl-propionamide).

To the researchers surprise the efficacy of S4 SARM was higher than that of DHT.

Note that DHT is three times the anabolic rating of testosterone.

How do you like them apples?
CAS#: 401900-40-1 
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If it were not for mild vision side effects S4 SARM would be perfect