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Yk11 SARM The Unique Story of a Steroid That Acts Like A SARM

Yk11 review, an interview with the king of SARMS

Back in 2011 a study came out, (17α,20E)-17,20-[(1-methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic acid methyl ester (YK11).

Now at first, YK was thought to be a novel steroid compound by theory but upon some basic study, it was revealed to be pretty picky!

YK11 Review

As it turns out DHT effects were blocked by YK-11 yet anabolic effects on tissues were in full effect.

What did this mean and how? In Kano’s own words “Thus, YK11 might be novel SARM.

Therefore, YK11 maybe a useful compound for the treatment of age-related diseases such as osteopenia and sarcopenia.

Further investigation is required to clarify this possibility of YK11" Pretty crazy huh?

A couple of years go by and Kano finds some more money for research for another YK-11 reviews and study.

In turn, it was 2013 and the YK11 SARM knocks the world of science on their tails.

I bet none were too happy about being shown up by this nobody research guy from Japan.

To carry on with the discovery that YK-11 was also responsible in a big way for Myostatin suppression was huge!!

It accomplished this by having skeletal muscle secrete a protein called Follistatin.

DHT has this effect yet YK-11 does it better.

If you know anything about Folli it is Frankenstein kind of stuff so powerful no new research is going into it.

That tells you something about the corporate pharma business, doesn't it?

To sum up, the finding of 2013 YK-11 was about 33% more anabolic than DHT which is 3 times as anabolic as testosterone. All this while negating the androgenic effects of DHT.

What this means is YK-11 has an anabolic rating in of around 500. Know what else has an anabolic rating of 500? I will tell you, it's trenbolone.

Yes, you heard right YK-11 the SARM is as anabolic as trenbolone in muscle cells.

Five long years pass, and nobody has studied YK-11 unless it is to catch doping in sports, seriously it is all the establishment cared about.

But the story does not end there because Kano is back, AGAIN! This time he proves that YK-11 the SARM induces bones to grow stronger and re-mineralize.

He publishes all his data for the world to see AGAIN!

This guy is lucky if he does not get tossed out of one of Big Pharma's helicopters!!

He publicly calls for further for in vivo (tested on whole, living organisms or cells, usually animals, including humans) he has proven on his own beyond any reasonable doubt that he has a serious contender.

Three studies all done by him and NOBODY is pitching in.

In fact, I personally sent him an email and will do my best to work through the next steps with him if possible.

Final thoughts and YK11 reviews by yours truly.

YK-11 is a truly fascinating SARM major strength increases vascularity and mad pumps are all trademark YK-11.

It's no wonder YK-11 is so pricey. % out of 5 stars for the king of SARMS!

Check out the YK-11 section so you can see how to measure out small amounts of YK 11 for your home laboratory too!

YK11 Results

Is It True That The Myostatin Blocking Of YK-11 Gives Steroid Size Results?

What YK11 experience and are the results noticeable as far as fat loss, strength, and size gains, is the Trenbolone acetate of SARMS?

For me the pumps are insane leading to major improvements in the look and feel of muscle hardness and vascularity. 

I find the energy and stamina unique to YK and always use it to push for new PR.


Thanks to the anti-catabolic - anabolic effects of yk11, the mass gained during a cycle are pure muscle and continue to last long after the cycle is over.

For body recomposition, I can think of no better SARMS for gains.  are all fat loss and lean muscle tissue.

Complete Recomposition calls for major fat loss and building lean muscle tissue.

Yk11 dosage scoops 3 sizes

Three spoons come in every order one spoon has two sides.

The small yellow side of the spoon is 3mg of YK.

The same (yellow) spoon on the other end is the large scoop it will hold 14mg YK.

White dosing spoon holds a mere 55mg of YK-11 powder

YK11 SARM and Steroid