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What is BPC-157 Peptide

BPC-157 has been the subject of 121 research papers on PUBMED and over 200 lab experiments published worldwide.

Stable gastric Penta decapeptide BPC-157 is a rock star.

Think in terms of what its original purpose is in the stomach.

We are talking about a bag of hydrochloric acid set right in the middle of every living human.

The stomach is so vital to our survival yet needs to be robust to break down foods from all sources all without leaking and destroying the rest of the body’s organs.

As one can plainly see the stomach is the king of healing.

The major healing advantage is due to the 15 amino acid peptide in this case the body protection compound known as BPC-157.

Did you really think it was just a thick lining of mucosa that prevents HCL acid from wreaking havoc?

Without this compound floating around the gastric juices present in the stomach would immediately form gastric ulcers and death would soon follow.

The healing processes of BPC-157 are paramount in the grand design of the human body.

Yet a ton of research still has not been brought forward for human clinical trials.

You know when they call a miracle cure "NOVEL" Big Pharma will never let it see the light of day. 

Hold on tight because this article is just getting warmed up.


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    What is BPC-157? 

    BPC-157 results in a quick permanent fix tears in muscle, tendons, ligaments, bone and nervous tissues.

    Prescribed BPC 157 dosages of 250-750 mcg/day are common for several reasonable medical conditions.


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    Epitalon Dosage in Russian anti-aging clinics is 5mg twice a day for 20 days full study here.

    The Epitalon dosing protocol is repeated 2-3 times a year according to Dr. Khavinson.

    "The Biggest Scientific Breakthrough in health ever."


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    Thymosin beta 4 2mg - TB-500 Dosage of 5-20mg/week + BPC-157 dosage 50/50 ratio FULL STUDY LINKS HERE


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    BPC-157 Dosage, Active Amounts, Side Effects

    Orally active BPC-157 of 10 mcg/kg is the minimum effective dose in rats, the human equivalent is 72.5 μg per 100lb and is surprisingly free of side effects at any dose.

    This is based on rat studies where oral administration showed benefit.

    BPC-157 capsules may repairs tendon, muscle, intestines, teeth, bone and more.

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BPC-157 Dosage

Now BPC-157 as known is a synthetically produced peptide in laboratories. It has become famous for its legendary abilities to heal the sick and wounded.

A quick search on google will reveal story after story of first-hand accounts with peptides.

It is surely quite a eye opening experience even if the dosage discussed are ridiculously low and ineffective.

These cases could be easily resolved in a timelier fashion if one had any sense.

With a dose response curve like no other BPC-157 dosage works much like a healing points system, where X number of mg equal Y amount of healing.

Time when it comes to BPC it is not a factor, only dosage is.

BPC-157 review 

BPC-157 has been around for a long time. Dr. Rudolf RUČMAN, PhD is the owner of Diagen and is the man behind the push to finally bring this product to market. Now you may ask how will this small company from Croatia change the world?

For one they might not at least not unless they sell out to a large multinational pharmaceutical corporation who will probably shelve all the research.

The other point is that Dr. Rudolf RUČMAN has worldwide patents.

BPC-157 Uses As per Pharmacotherapia

"Pentadecapeptide amino acid fragments which display cytoprotective and organ protective activities against a variety of experimentally induced lesions in various organs and tissues, including neuroprotective effects in the peripheral and central nervous system”

Our primary product PCO-01 is ready to enter clinical trials for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

PharmaCotherapia is a biopharmaceutical company with a proprietary drug pipeline which includes clinical candidates aimed at serious and life-threatening diseases including ALSParkinson’s disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS. 

Our novel molecules are produced from human gastric juices and are peptides originally found in laboratory experiments to perform the function of healing in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in other tissues.

Being receptor peptides, these new molecules promote cell signalling properties of proteins and have been shown to interact and modify various neurotransmitters systems to promote healing.

Cell signalling is part of a complex system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions.

The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair (healing), and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis.

Errors in this cellular information processing in humans are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes.   

BPC-157 Dosage Translation to English

Ok let’s go over this a little slower.

BPC-157 Canada peptide research has been carrying on for for quite a long time now.

The research only has been conducted by this small group of Croatian scientists.

There are those who think that when one company does all the research that it cannot be trusted.

These fools or doubters obviously know nothing about science-based publications.

Enough of my griping about the inadequate knowledge of online trolls so back to the information at hand.

Through over 200 published and peer reviewed experiments BPC-157 peptide has been shown in animal test subjects to significantly increase the following.

Wound healing with formation of granulation tissue (new vascular tissue in granular form on an ulcer or the healing surface of a wound).

Angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and production of collagen (the major component of connective tissues).

Tendon to bone healing through better organization of collagen fibers, improved vascular appearance and more collagen type I.

This resulted in superior formation of fibroblasts (are the most common cells of connective tissue), reticulin (fibers that crosslink to form a fine meshwork) and collagen.

Effective in treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

BPC-157 for IBS accomplishes it's effect by promoting new blood vessel formation.

Reduced blood flow is the primary factor in ulcerative colitis.

Anti inflammatory effects of BPC 157 have been proven in diseases of the mouth.

Various structures that hold teeth in place are susceptible to inflammation.

Yes BPC-157 peptide likely will keep many smiling a lot wider and longer than ever before.

Tendon and ligament BPC157 again improves tendon healing, ligament and bone healing through promotion of new blood vessels unlike other growth factors that fail in this area.

Yes boys this means your growth hormone, MK-677 or whatever steroids can not do for healing what BPC does.

Many other benefits have been researched with administration of BPC157 has been shown effective in models for depression, withdrawal from amphetamine abuse.

Further it will attenuate withdrawal from alcohol abuse, toxicity from antibiotics and there has even been also been good progress on liver damage from the use of Nsaids pain relievers.

It is not a far leap to assume that these effects would be perfectly suited for damage to the liver due to oral anabolic use.

I hope you guys are picking up what I am laying down. "BPC-157 Bodybuilding"

Now is a good time for a disclaimer so thus far the material here is educational informational purposes only.

Little to no evidence exists with the peptides BPC157 in the area of side effects.

This is as per from Diagen who's statement includes "not at any dose".

It is important to remember there is volumes of unpublished data in the vaults at Diagen.

I would bet my left nut that the entire research team is happily consuming 10mg + a day of BPC-157 for the long term.

The only side effect I have heard of was from a rather large Chinese batch that seems to be affecting nearly all peptide supply on the planet. What did you expect from the Chinese?

Contaminated BPC 157

As previously stated there is the terrible misfortune of Chinese peptides infecting the industry.

Not only are they loaded with toxic TFA salts.(TFA is low to moderately toxic to a range of organisms) it also interferes with peptide biological functions.

To make things worse TFA salts make up 40%-70% of Peptide weight in a vial.

Yes, that 10mg vial is only 3mg-6mg of peptide which is in itself contaminated regardless.

The only way around this is custom synthesis with different bases.