What is BPC-157 Peptide

BPC-157 has been the subject of 121 research papers on PUBMED and over 200 lab experiments published worldwide.

Stable gastric Penta decapeptide BPC-157 is a rock star.

Think in terms of what its original purpose is in the stomach.

We are talking about a bag of hydrochloric acid set right in the middle of every living human.

The stomach is so vital to our survival yet needs to be robust to break down foods from all sources all without leaking and destroying the rest of the body’s organs.

As one can plainly see the stomach is the king of healing.

The major healing advantage is due to the 15 amino acid peptide in this case the body protection compound known as BPC-157.

Did you really think it was just a thick lining of mucosa that prevents HCL acid from wreaking havoc?

Without this compound floating around the gastric juices present in the stomach would immediately form gastric ulcers and death would soon follow.

The healing processes of BPC-157 are paramount in the grand design of the human body.

Yet a ton of research still has not been brought forward for human clinical trials.

You know when they call a miracle cure "NOVEL" Big Pharma will never let it see the light of day. 

Hold on tight because this article is just getting warmed up.


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