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  • SR9009 5mg x 120 Capsules
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    SR9009 Stenabolic Capsules 5mg 

    SR9009 correlates with a boost in metabolic activity and fat loss, up to 60% more fat loss!

    Not only that for the first time a right exercise mimetic has arrived, yes that is correct literally “exercise in a bottle” similar to aerobic exercise.

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  • Methylene Blue 30 count
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    Methylene blue (MB) is a synthetic compound used as a nootropic to increase memory, mood, and longevity by drastically improving mitochondrial function.

    Please read the description below!

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  • Anastrozole 1mg Capsule For Research Use Only
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    Anastrozole Capsules 120 x 1mg

    Buy our Anastrozole and experience the highest quality in the industry. Our Anastrozole supply is regularly tested by a 3rd party lab.

    Anastrazole belongs to a class of compounds known as aromatase inhibitors (AIs). An enzyme known as aromatase is responsible in the human body for producing estrogen by converting androgens into estrogen.

    Anastrozole is a Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor

    First developed to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

    By irreversibly binding to the aromatase it blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen the synthesis of estrogen is virtually prohibited.

    This ability to block estrogen makes it a useful drug for breast cancer in women and the post-surgical breast cancer.

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  • Clenbuterol 20mcg 120 capsules
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    Athletes and fitness buffs love a powerful stimulant that burns fat quickly; Clenbuterol weight loss pills is a top-level fat burner.

    Online Clenbuterol Bodybuilder forums claim that Clen can also be added to stacks to increase lean muscle mass formation and fat loss.

    Clenbuterol results in increased metabolic activity and stimulates Beta-2 receptors acting as a bronchodilator being used in the treatment of various respiratory issues, irregular and chronic breathing disorders. 

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