GW0742 Benefits

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Exercise and GW0742 benefits have been shown to enhance immune function reduce muscle inflamation and increase endurance capacity.

What does GW0742 do?

GW0742 works by altering skeletal muscle and lymph node metabolism in favor to a higher fatty acid oxidation.

Treatment with GW0742 and not exercise increases PPARβ/δ activity in both skeletal and lymphoid tissues and favorably alters inflamation and insulin resistance in obesity models.

GW0742 PPARβ/δ agonist is not an “exercise mimetic” however, it is suggests a complementary effects with exercise and can assist in diet-induced weight loss.

Regular aerobic exercise, independently of weight loss, improves metabolic and anti-inflammatory states, and can be regarded as beneficial in counteracting obesity-induced low-grade inflammation.

However, it is still unknown how exercise alters immunometabolism in a context of dietary changes.

Agonists of the Peroxisome Proliferator Activated-Receptor beta/delta (PPARβ/δ) have been studied this last decade as “exercise-mimetics”, which are potential therapies for metabolic diseases.

Does PPARβ/δ agonist treatment improve the immunometabolic state induced by exercise in diet-induced obese female mice, having switched from a high fat diet to a normal diet?

To find out 24 mice were assigned to groups according to an 8-week exercise training program and/or an 8-week treatment with 3 mg/kg/day of GW0742, a PPARβ/δ agonist.

GW0742 results in changes to fatty acid oxidation gene expression, increase in AMPK activity and a potentiating effect of both on the percentage of anti-inflammatory Foxp3+ T cells.

Those effects are associated with a decreased visceral adipose tissue mass and skeletal muscle inflammation (TNF-α, Il-6, Il-1β mRNA level), an increase in skeletal muscle oxidative capacities (citrate synthase activity, endurance capacity), and insulin sensitivity.

We conclude that a therapeutic approach targeting the PPARβ/δ pathway would improve obesity treatment

GW0742 Benefits