Tuesday, January 15, 2019
I would leave him 1000 stars if I could
SARMS saved me with his great knowledge and experience

I always had high steroids level in my blood and I realized my LH & FSH been down since last year (Picture #1)

I started a steroid cycle and start bulking up really good within 3 weeks but on week 4th I felt like my sex drive is zero and low libido and gyno (picture #2)
I was on
400mg Test Cyp
450 Tren Ace
50mg Dbol
Caber E5D& Aromasin EOD

I stopped immediately and did start a pct with Nolva, Tamoxi, Continue by Aromasin & Caber

After a month nothing noticeable
Still low libido and dead sex (picture #3)

I contacted SARMS
He sent me his PCT STACK with 20 epithalon
I started them and got a blood work on day 15th of SARMS PCT STACK (picture #4)

And the last picture #5 you see everything got back to normal and still I feel the improvement is the most recent blood work I did 4 days ago basically 50 days after completing SARMS PCT STACK

I Highly recommend this guy to everyone
He is legit and the most important is he knows what he is doing